Storm Chaser - Plan #3 National
Gotham - New York
Bednarz Film - Dallas
On Location: Napoleonville, Louisiana
Set Photos: Intro Page

Martin Salisbury - SunCom Storm Chaser...Just Relaxing! Welcome! I am sitting here in a sugar cane field smack dab in the middle of Napoleonville, Louisiana. It's a hot Sepetmber day and we're praying for rain. Not just because it's hot but because I'm a Storm Chaser out on the hunt. Actually, we're shooting a commercial for SunCom, an AT&T Affiliate. I am representing their National Calling Area Plan # 3.
Gotham, Inc. out of New York City is the client and Bednarz Films - Dallas is the production company. I got here after two auditions with Dallas casting director, Kevin Howard. Everyone has been so kind and this is a really fun set. Besides the television spot, we are combining it with a print shoot and advertisement for the SunCom Internet site. I cut the radio spots at Audio Works in New Orleans in conjunction with Pomann Sound of New York City.

The page links below contain pictures we took throughout the day of activities on the set. Various folks helped me take the pictures with an instamatic camera and once I had them developed I scanned them to the computer. You'll see the water truck used to create our rain storm, the air boat used to create a very strong wind, and the Assumption Parish Sheriff Department who closed down "La. 1" for our caravan to travel as we shot. There are shots of our home base where the crew prepared the vehicles and equipment for the production.

I just want to thank Gotham, Bednarz, and the production crew for their professionalism and courtesy. You all made it a very pleasant working set enviroment. Now, go check out the photos...Enjoy!

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