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On Location: Tyler, Texas
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The Nippon Television Network Corporation or NTV as it is known in Japan, shot three stories in Tyler, Texas for their nationally popular show called "Astonishing News". I was the store clerk in "Two Guns" which was about a guy who robbed a convenience store in Houston, Texas. The robber entered the store and stuck up the store clerk with two guns. As the thief emptied the cash register, the store clerk told him that he'd buy one of his guns for $100 dollars...the robber sold it to him. As he began to leave the clerk offered to buy the other gun for $200 dollars. The robber, seeing that he didn't need it anymore and he needed the money, sold him the second gun. Thus the tables turned and the robbery was foiled...Ha! The store clerk let the guy go and he hasn't been found to this day. Pretty funny story...uh?

We had a call time at 2pm Friday afternoon and finished shooting at 3:30am Saturday morning getting back to the Sheraton of Tyler at 4am. Nice long day! We had alot of fun and here are some moments caught behind the scenes.

Martin with guns on Halim
Store clerk gets the upper hand!
"Two Guns"
Actor and Director
Martin and Tadashi Takezawa,
the NTV director.
Martin and Yuko...all that money!
Martin and Yuko Matsuda
All that Money! It's REAL!
Martin Salisbury - Store Clerk
Store Clerk watches as the
robber flees off into the night.
NTV Production Office
Nippon Television Production
Office at Sheraton of Tyler.
Halim Jabbour - the Robber
Halim Jabbour grabs his script
to study being the robber.
Production Preparation
Tadashi Takezawa and Satoru Kodama
discuss production preparations.
Tadashi and Halim
Tadashi and Halim
go over the script.

Tadashi discusses scene with the crew.
Tadashi discusses scene with
the crew outside the store.

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